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Marta Matilda Harper dipping powder

Forget about gel and acrylic nails, because the beauty scene is now ruled by powder nails, which, unlike their predecessor, do not harm the nail plate and last up to 3 weeks.

Dipping powder MMH053 - Marta Matilda Harper

Healthy, strong and beautiful

* NEW FORMULA - Organic and Non-toxic

* HEALTHY - Vitamin and Calcium Fortified, Toluene-Free, DBP-Free

* STABLE - No Matter Cold and Hot

* EASIER - to Apply For Beginners

* DURABLE - Long Lasting more than 3 weeks

* SHINIER - Double Shine, Glossy Nails

* FLEXIBLE - No Cracking, No Chipping

  • NEW

    New nail decoration technique, organic and non-toxic, hypoallergenic, without damaging the nail plate


    Without the use of UV/LED lamps, electric and rough files, contains vitamins & calcium, Toluene-Free, DBP-Free


    Dip powder on your nails lasts longer than 3 weeks, the combination of liquid and powder gives a solid mass resistant to all weather conditions


    Suitable for beginners with no previous experience, easy and fast application with our detailed video instructions


    By simple dissolution with medical 100% acetone, the powder is removed in just 15 minutes without filing and damaging the nail plate


Do your nails simply and easily, at any time of the day, whenever you want!

All you need to do your nails is the Starter Kit pack. The initial package contains all the necessary liquids for work, natural powder and color powder. We offer several Starter Kit packs.


Marta Matilda Harper

Marta Matilda Harper's nail powder is easy to apply and remove. It dries quickly and gives nails an incredibly beautiful and natural look. Our DIP technique allows you to achieve fantastic effects of elegantly arranged nails of all lengths without the use of UV / LED lamps.

How to apply dipping powder?!

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POWDER NAILS - A NEW TYPE OF PERMANENT MANICURE THAT LASTS FOR WEEKS: We discover everything about the technique without a UV lamp that does not harm the nail plate.

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We connected it all in the story of the origin of DIP technology!

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We are most interested in those stories that date back to the period before the New Age, admiring the fact that in those periods the appearance and color of nails was very important.

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Open questions?

Where can I watch a video on how to do nails myself?

On our YouTube channel Marta Matilda Harper, you can watch a detailed video on instructions for working with our products.

How to prepare the nail plate so that the powder does not rise quickly?

With the Dip technique, 90% is the preparation of the nail plate itself. The better the nail plate is prepared and arranged, the longer the powder stays on your nails. Our advice to you is to push the cuticles, and clean well around the cuticles themselves. In most cases, the cuticles themselves stick to the nail plate, so they need to be removed. The nail plate should then be well degreased. Slowly remove the greasy surface layer with a buffer file and clean with primer or pure acetone.

Can products be bought in your shop, or are they just ordered?

You can also buy all the products in our online store directly in our store in Belgrade.

Marta Matilda Harper d.o.o.

St. Blagoja Parovica 13e

11030 Belgrade

Working hours:

Monday-Friday: 09-17h

Saturday: 10-15h

Sunday: closed

Is it possible to extend the nail with powder or do an upgrade?

Our answer is YES. With the powder, you can extend the nail with the help of a template, and you can also work with tips. The advantage of using tips over other techniques is that when you remove the tips, they are removed whole, without damaging the nail plate, and at the same time your nail has grown and is healthy.