Training center

Why training?

Marta Matilda Harper and her staff are the only ones on the market of the Republic of Serbia to have a certified three-stage license to award training certificates with our product. This means that our DIP technicians can teach you how to use and apply our products in a good and proper way (basic training), that you can become our instructor in DIP technology training (training for instructors) and last, that you can do future training instructors (training training). This ensures that MMH guarantees the quality of its products only if used properly. We also believe it is a duty to end users, ladies, to actually get the right product on our nails made from our products.

Also, MMH reserves the exclusive right to include a list of persons who have passed the training and received a certificate so that each client can request from the chosen manicurist a proof of completion of training in the use of our products and verify the validity of that certificate by addressing the company. This way, the company can respond to any customer complaints about the product or a certified person's manicure and eliminate unpleasant situations. All this is for the purpose of aesthetic and health care of clients in the use of our product on the one hand, and on the other hand that the company can protect and justify the quality of its product.



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