About Us

"MARTA MATILDA HARPER d.o.o." is a Serbian family-owned company established in 2018 for the purpose of monitoring innovation and technological development in the field of nourishing, strengthening and pouring of female nails, as well as making the manicure and pedicure technologies available to the Serbian market and beyond. Considering the female gender, both the need for nail art and the problems encountered by the weaker sex when using different methods of nail processing techniques, the need to introduce powder techniques in Serbia and create a home-made manicure brand in dip technology was encouraged. all for the purpose of safer, healthier and better beautification and nail polish upgrades for ladies. In addition to introducing new dip technologies in Serbia, the aim of the company is to introduce and train salon workers with powder techniques and individuals in the Serbian market, to spread awareness in the Serbian public about the existence of a modern powder manicure technician in Serbia with all their advantages and disadvantages.


Our professionalism is distinguished by its specific expertise in creating the best manicure powder products currently available in the field of nail beautification, strengthening, pouring and upgrading, as well as a constant research decision to find new ideas in preserving them. Raised honest communication with our clients is a necessary prerequisite for us to achieve excellent cooperation, which you will believe in yourself. In addition, all our manicure powder products in Serbia are accompanied by licensed training by our employees, which allow you to receive training in the quality handling of manicure powder technology products. Also, the professional side powder of product technology is covered in a wide range of uses both in professional salon use and individually.



Martha Matilda Harper was one of the most celebrated Canadian-American women in the business world, who through her painstaking work achieved the creation of the first modern franchises in women's entrepreneurship. In her lifetime, she has reached over 350 beauty salons in America and Canada to use the Harper franchise, which has guaranteed quality of service in the beautification of women. Inspired by her persistent work, professional approach, selfless dissemination of knowledge, we decided to give the company her name by honoring one famous entrepreneur. So Marta Matilda Harper is open to providing manicure and pedicure franchises in Serbia with powder technology or dip technology to provide the highest quality service for upgrading, strengthening, pouring and beautifying women's nails as efficiently as possible.