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MMH New Starter Kit mini pack

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MMH New Starter Kit Mini Dipping Powder Starter Pack

Do your nails simply and easily, at any time of the day, whenever you want!

All you need to do nails is our mini starter pack.

No UV / LED lamp is used, it dries quickly in the air. They last longer than three weeks. Rough and electric files are not used. It is easy to apply and removes with medical acetone. With one package you can do as many as 30 treatments.

MMH dipping powder New Starter Kit mini contains:

Bond No.1 15ml
Gel base coat No.2 15ml
Activator No.3 15ml
Gel top coat No.4 15ml
Vitamin oil No.5 15ml
Brush saver No.6 15ml
Dipping powder natural MMH003 14gr
and you choose three colors of powder, from 14 g jars, of your choice!

And you get it from us, as a gift:

- one mini buffer

- one small file

- one wood stick

- one small brush

and a Loyalty card with which you get a permanent discount of 30% on all powders of 56gr jars.

On our Youtube channel you can watch a detailed video on instructions for working with MMH Starter Kit mini starter pack!