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Mini nail polishing pen S102

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This mini nail polishing pen is made of high quality material with aluminium housing, small and lightweight pencil design, easy to handle and wear anywhere.

It is built into a rechargeable lithium battery, which can work with the maximum charge for 3 hours after charging.

You can adjust the file speed using the speed control button from 0 to max.15000rpm, with forward and backward direction of rotation, suitable for left and right hand use.

You can also use it in darkened rooms, because it has a built-in LED lamp.

It is suitable for use in both salon and home use, as well DIY, for trimming the nail surface and cuticles, easy sanding and polishing, and removing gel polish.

Mini nail polishing pen S102, 6 colours, USB charging

Dual power hybrid drive, piano key touch switch

Lithium battery power

led lamp

General standard 2.35 grinding head 

Indude: host, USB changing cable

Rated speed: 15,000 rpm

Rated torque: 55g cm/min

Hostmaterial: 6063#aluminiumalloy

Thehostmaterial, ceram