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Dipping powder MMH071

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Dipping powder MMH071 colored nail powder, 14gr and 56gr

MMH dipping powder MMH071 is easy to apply and remove, no UV / LED lamp needed, dries quickly, high gloss, smooth and flexible, healthy, light weight, beautiful colors, lasts more than 3 weeks.

Marta Matilda Harper dipping powder products:

- NEW FORMULA - Organic and Non-toxic

- HEALTHY - Vitamin and Calcium Fortified, Toluene-Free, DBP-Free

- STABLE - No Matter Cold or Hot

- EASIER - to Apply For Beginners

- DURABLE - Long Lasting more than 3 weeks

- SHINIER - Double Shine, Glossy Nails

- FLEXIBLE - No Cracking, No Chipping

Dipping powder MMH071 composition: acrylic ester polymer, benzoyl peroxide, titanium dioxide. May contain gloss and pigments. Caution: do not swallow.

NOTE: The color hue may vary depending on the screen resolution from which the product is viewed.