Why DIP technology?

For our consumers, the company Marta Matilda Harper offers the best manicure and pedicure in Serbia in the form of a new improved dip powder technology. In addition to a wide range of colors, which are characterized by natural shine, dip technology provides the following great advantages over other technologies in manicure:

- when manicure work, the dip technique does not use a UV lamp and thus eliminates even the slightest possibility of radiation from your fingers;

- by not using a UV lamp when beautifying nails, deep technology also allows you to beautify your nails for a long time on your own from home;

- not using rough files and simply removing the medical acetone powder technique protects your nail plates from further deterioration using other technologies;

- the coverage of the complete nail plate with an elegantly thin layer of paint contributes to the natural look of your nails;

- powder technique only allows you to achieve a gradient effect of multiple colors so you can achieve the uniqueness of your nails;

- dip technology also enables the elasticity of the applied base, so that mechanical damage to the nail color is far less visible than with other technologies;

- powder technology, depending on the quality of your nail plate, can last up to 4 weeks on your nails;

- simple drying in the air and the composition of the powder (titanium and rubber) allow you to create a healthier environment while beautifying your nails;

- the latter, after these advantages, powder manicure can achieve all manicure and pedicure variations that allow other techniques.

Note: The use of dip technology, in addition to the recommended nail hygiene, requires good training of the person using the powder technique, as well as excellent knowledge of the powder technology as a whole.